About Shenanigans DIY

Shenanigans DIY started back in 2013, when our sons became friends in the 1st grade. We don’t know who hit it off better… the boys or us! Over the years we have gotten into a lot of mischief…aka, shenanigans!

One of the many things we enjoy doing together is crafting and in 2017 decided to actually make some of items we’d pinned on our Pinterest boards (imagine that)! We posted pictures of our finished projects on Facebook and our friends loved what we made.  They commented that they wanted to come to the party too and we thought that was a great idea!

We hosted our first event in the fall of 2018 and it sold out in a matter of hours! The feedback we received confirmed our initial notion, that ladies love to craft and have the best intentions to create great projects and gifts, but honestly who has the time to do the research, shopping, and prep? We do, and invite you to join us in some Shenanigans at one of our scheduled events or host your own!

About Us

We are Heather and Aimee, friends with a mutual passion for crafting, entertaining and all things DIY.  Out of this, Shenanigans was born.  Our craft events feature fabulous projects, the chance to socialize with friends both old and new and, if you’d like, a cocktail to get those creative juices really flowing!  Can’t make it to one of our scheduled events?  We’ll bring the party to you!  Hosting your own event is easy!  We help you choose the perfect project which includes crafting supplies, set up, instruction, clean up, and of course a lot of fun!

We can’t wait to have you join in on our Shenanigans!

Questions?  Email us: hello@shenanigansdiy.com